Sunday, February 5, 2017

Anthesteria 2017


So on the 5th of February, we celebrated the Anthesteria.

As we've done in the past, we compressed the traditional three days into three rituals throughout the day celebrating the birth of Dionysos, the marriage of Dionysos and Ariadne, and Dionysos' rescue of Selene from Hades.  The abridged version of the rituals, written by Peregrine Ursano, can be found here.

During the "birthday" portion of the day, we shared various hymns and songs, including the Hymn to Dionysus performed by the original Broadway cast of The Frogs:

and I Am What I Am as performed by John Barrowman:

For the second portion of the day, we were each given a length of yarn that we put several knots into, which were blessed by Dionysos and Ariadne.  The intent of these is to undo the knots when we need help overcoming blocks or barriers.

For the last portion of the day, we offered libations to our ancestors, our Heroes and Beloved Dead, and finally to Hermes.

Our next festival:  Aphrodisia

May the blessings of the Gods be with you!

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