Monday, December 5, 2011

Dendraia 2011


Yesterday at the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus, and Pan, we celebrated the Dendraia.

As usual, new ornaments were brought and offered to decorate this tree honoring both Pan and Pitys, including a set that spell out "PAN," various animals, and a handmade garland.  Also, offerings from past years were hung.

Sorry that doesn't quite tile together, but I hope it lets you see some of the details.

What was new this year was that we also used the pine cones we had decorated and offered at Panaia.  For those who may wish to try this too, there's a step-by-step pictorial post here.

There was also a ritual including thusia, which offerings this year included stir-fried sausage and peppers, penne pesto, tangerines, cheese and bread, pine tree cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate wine, and barleywine.

And this week on "The Hieros of Cranston," we also learned that "Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic.  It's capital is Reykjavik," (points to those who recognize the reference) and that if the first few libations at closing are overly generous we need to try to invoke Time Lord technology to make the rest of the libations fit.  (Or, you know, grab another offering vessel, which we ultimately did, but asking for the offering bowl to get bigger on the inside was worth a try.)

I hope sharing these pictures and accounts of our festivals inspires you to find your own way to celebrate and worship the Gods as well.  Please feel free to comment with any questions or to share some of your own ideas!

Next up is the Kheimonia/Winter Festival and Rural Dionysia on the 18th.  Until then, peace and kharis to you all!