Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 2011


Hope this post finds you all well.  It's been a great month at HTAZP with two festivals.

On the 6th, we celebrated the Panaia, Pan's birthday.  The day began with an enthusiasmos ritual followed by thusia.  We also had a bit of "Pagan Arts & Crafts" that involved decorating pine cones as offerings to Pan, involving a variety of designs reflecting the diversity of our community.

Today, we celebrated the Pompaia, asking for Zeus' protection from the winter storms ahead.  This included a purification with the Dion Kodion, offerings such as candles and incense, and, of course, feasting. 

As had been posted on the Facebook page, tea-light candles were lit for those unable to be in attendance to request that protection extend to them as well.

The next festivals coming up are the Dendraia on December 4, in which we will each contribute something to decorate a pine tree for Pan, and the Kheimonia/Winter Solstice and Rural Dionysia on December 18, at which we will first celebrate the return of Helios to our skies for a bit longer each day and then the liberating spirit of Dionysos.

Hope to see some of you at one or the other of these festivals.