Sunday, October 27, 2013

Puanepsia-Oskhophoria 2013


Today's Festival

Today we celebrated the Puanepsia and Oskhophoria at the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus, and Pan.

As you can see, we made eirisioni, which this year were made from grapevine wreaths, decorated with yarn, bay leaves, and owls. As has been mentioned, this festival has been evolving over the years, and this year it grew to include the tradition of grapes being presented from the temple of Dionysos to Athena Skira.

Typically, the eirisioni are completed and gifted by one means or another amongst the participants. However, several took awhile to dry, and so they will remain until our next festival and be distributed then.

Theoxenia included ham and cheese grinders, lentil-kale-barley soup, grapes, corn bread, and pumpkin cookies.

Coming Up

6 Panaion/November 10Genesia
20 Panaion/November 24Panaia
5 Kheimonion/December 8Dendraia
19 Kheimonion/December 22Kheimonia

Until next time, may the blessings of the Gods be with you.