Sunday, October 18, 2015

Therapeia 2015


Today Back in September, we celebrated the Therapeia, our healing festival to Apollon, Aesklepios, and Hygeia.  This post was written that day, but has apparently sat in drafts for the past month.  Sorry!

We actually celebrated this festival in two parts.  The first part of the day was spent at Southeast Massachusetts Pagan Pride, where we did a small ritual off by ourselves after the festival's main ritual.

We then returned to the main Temple space for the second part of the festival, which has traditionally been a Reiki share.  Today, we did this in the form of a Reiki circle, in which all practitioners are giving and receiving Reiki energy at the same time.  We humans sat in a semi-circle, with those nearest either side of the altar placing a hand on it to connect in with the Gods of the festival as well. 

No festival feels complete without Pagan Arts and Crafts (tm), so we made healing lotions which we then placed on the altar to be empowered until the end of the day.  Theoxenia was vegetarian pizza (as healthy as pizza can get) and fresh fruit.

Our next festival will be the Panagon on September 27.  Until then, may the blessings of the Gods be with you!