Sunday, June 4, 2017

Philokhoria 2017


So, though it is a bit early, we celebrated the Philokhoria today.

We used the sock puppets created for last year's festival for our dramatization of the tale from Calimachus upon which the festival is based.  Accompaniment was Hymn to the Sun from the CD Music of the Ancient Greeks by the Ensemble de Organographia.  Invocations were from In Praise of Olympos by Hearthstone.

Theoxenia was your basic summer cookout fare:  burgers, hot dogs, potato wedges, salad, and fruit.  We kept it indoors, though, as it was threatening to rain.

Why were we doing our summer solstice-themed ritual so early?  Well, because HTAZP will be at Free Spirit Gathering around the time we would normally celebrate it!  And Timotheos and Scarlet Rose will be leading the opening, main, and closing rituals.

After that, we'll be having our annual Anadikia retreat as we start the new Hellenic year.

Until next time, may the blessings of the Gods be with you.