Sunday, April 26, 2015

Olympieia & Thargelia 2015


Our two most recent festivals were Olympieia (April 19) and Thargelia (today).


For the Olympieia, offerings of pictures of Pegasus were given to Zeus in honor of the horse races that used to be held in His honor for this festival in Athens.   To incorporate the gaming aspect of the festival, those present played Settlers of Catan.


To celebrate the Thargelia, birthday of Apollon and Artemis, we began with a Pharmakhos ritual to cleanse ourselves and our community, then processed into the main Temple for the main ritual.  We offered vegetable calzones as thargeloi or first-bread with first-fruits, as well as individual birthday cakes (cupcakes) and a newly-invented treat known alternately as Sweet Goulash or Whathafa (essentially a widely varied trail mix glued together with peanut butter and Greek yogurt).

To the left of Apollon's bust, you may notice a covered picture. This is the khoanoi, or the original image of Apollon used in the Temple, which is only revealed during this ritual and otherwise remains hidden.

Coming Up

Sunday, May 17, the Panaphobeia
Sunday, May 31, the Skiraphoria
The Hephaistia has been rescheduled again, date to be determined.

Until next time, may the blessings of the Gods be with you.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Aphrodisia & Delphinia 2015


Spring appears to have finally sprung!  And so our rescheduled Aphrodisia did happen last week with no further snow delays.  It was held at the temple tended by Scarlet Rose and Draconis Pyrozale.

The ritual included a washing of Aphrodite's statue followed by a guided meditation led by the hiereia (priestess).
Participants received pieces of sea glass anointed with special Aphrodisia oil as a memento of either the gifts received from or requests made of Aphrodite during the ritual.

  Theoxenia included a sweet tomato sauce over pasta.

And today was the Delphinia, festival of Apollon Delphinios, who sends the dolphins to guide ships safely home.
Our ritual included a meditation on the origins of the feast and offerings of wool to adorn Apollon's staff in thanks for challenges He has helped us navigate and in request for help navigating future challenges.  This is based on the tradition of a procession offering consecrated olive branches decorated with wool.
Theoxenia included dolphin-shaped sandwiches made with dolphin-safe tuna and cheesecake.  There is evidence that a particular kind of cake was traditional for this festival called popana made of soft cheese and flour, hence the inclusion of cheesecake.

Coming up:
Sunday, April 19, the Olympieia
Sunday, April 26, the Thargelia
Sunday, May 3, the Hephaestia
Sunday, May 17, the Panaphobeia
Sunday, May 31, the Skiraphoria

Until next time, may the peace of the Gods be with you.