Sunday, January 31, 2010


The Aphrodisia celebrates Aphrodite as the Goddess of Love, beauty, sensuality and romance. Participants may ask for Her blessings upon their relationships and special make up or jewelry may be consecrated at Her altar. Offerings of cookies, cakes, and other sweet desserts are made to Her along with roses and other flowers that She might like.

To go by the Ancient Athenian Festival Calendar, this would be celebrated on 4 Hekatombaon, generally falling in mid-to-late July on the modern Gregorian calendar.  At HTAZP, we celebrate the Aphrodisia around the time of Valentine's Day, as that is when the Polis at large (the society in which we live) is celebrating love, romance, and sensuality.

Aprhodisia 2012

Aphrodisia 2013

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