Thursday, March 8, 2012


The Hermathlon is a festival of Hermes Agonios (Lord of the Games) and Hermes Eriounios (Luck-Bringer).  In ancient times there were "hermathlons" celebrated with athletic games in His honor, but it was not a regularly scheduled festival.  As He had few "official" festivals, some now celebrate this as a recurring festival to Him. This modernized festival can be celebrated with playing any sort of games in His honor, particularly athletic games, word games, or games involving speed. 

Hermathlon 2015

Friday, March 2, 2012

February/March 2012


February was a busy month at the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus, and Pan.  (Do we have months that aren't busy?)

On the 12th, we celebrated the Aphrodisia with offerings of chocolate in various forms, flowers, a strawberry-iced heart cake, seafood in honor of the myth of Her birth, and chicken marinated in a strawberry-banana drink also used for libations.

The ritual itself was fairly simple and straightforward thusia followed by theoxenia, with the opportunity for participants to return to the temple space for private devotions throughout the day.

Two weeks later, we celebrated the Gamelia, also known as the Theogamia, or the wedding of Hera and Zeus.  As weddings are wont to be, this festival was a tad more involved.

The day began with washing and adorning the statues of Zeus and Hera.


The pair were then brought into the temple space in procession and offered thusia and theoxenia.  Their blessings were asked upon any current or future romantic relationships of those participating.

Offerings included a wedding cake (the top of which you can see above after it was offered)...

... as well as things like chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds, Italian wedding soup, spinach quiche, Portuguese sweet bread, and sparkling cider, amongst other offerings.


The Hellenismos 102

class continued on February 26 with discussions on miasma and purification as well as further exploration of the Delphic Maxims.  A Basics of Hellenismos class will be starting on March 6 at The Silver Willow in Rehoboth, MA.  You can register at the class link above.

Upcoming Festivals

On March 11, we will be celebrating the Feast of Zeus Melikhios, the Diasia, and on March 25 will be the Spring Festival.  As has become tradition, we will be holding a teddy bear drive for Diasia.  Stuffed bears (or other stuffed animals) will be offered to Zeus Melikhios, Protector of Children, and then donated to a charity serving children.  Past beneficiaries have been Hasbro Children's Hospital and Project Smile.


This blog/newsletter exists not only to share ongoing and upcoming events, but also to serve as a resource to those looking for ideas for their own worship.  Hence the lists of offerings and, when they're less obvious, the rationales for them.  What would you like to see more or less of?  Do you have recipes, offering ideas, or other things you'd like to share?  Let us know!