Sunday, August 26, 2012

Founders Festival and the Year Ahead


Today we celebrated the Founders Festival at the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus, and Pan.  The new space has been renovated since you saw it last, and so this celebration included reopening and rededicating the space.

The entryway is guarded by Hermes and Hekate.

As you enter the Temple space, there is a shrine to the Olympians on the left

and the Agathos Daimon on the right.

Directly ahead as you proceed is a shrine to Zeus.

Immediately to the right is a Hestia's shrine

and the main shrine to the Temple Patrons.

There is also the library space (featuring left to right Peregrine, Sage, and Timotheos)

and the reading (as in divination) space.

And in the area just before the entryway is the Shrine to Foreign Gods.

In the previous issue, I mentioned that there had been divination done for the themes & Deities to be focused on for the year ahead.  Here they are:

MonthCommon CalendarDeitiesThemes
Anadikion7/19-8/18 2012Athena, Hades & Persephonebuilding, working, creating
Therapeion8/18-9/16 2012Gaia, Heraclesdecisions, actions
Panagonion9/16-10/16 2012Pan, Erosreprieve from chaos, relax, healing
Pyanepsion10/16-11/14 2012Helios, Hekatechaos, figthing, brings clarity
Panaion11/14-12/14 2012Horai, Hestia, assistance from Demeternew growth
Kheimoneion12/14/2012-1/12/2013Artemis, ZeusListen to Zeus. Fresh start. Charge forward.
Gamelion1/12-2/11 2013Poseidon, Dionysospriesthood, leadership, established structure, fluid rules
Diasion2/11-3/12 2013Aphrodite, Daimonteam up, retreat, group work
Eiarinion3/12-4/11 2013Ares, Demeterdestroy, rebirth, courage, decision on growth
Delphinion4/11-5/10 2013Hermes, Selenefamily, growth
Thargelion5/10-6/9 2013Hephaestos, Herabuild strength, forge newness
Philokhorion6/9-7/9 2013Apolloncontent
Philokhorion B7/9-8/7 2013Hadesmore work w/Hades & ancestors

Upcoming festivals:

September 2: Therapeia, a healing festival in honor of Apollon and Asklepios

September 16: Panagon, a festival of games for Pan.

September 30:  Fall Festival in honor of Demeter and Persephone


Friday, August 17, 2012

July-August 2012


Since the last update, the Temple has been undergoing major renovations, and has thus been quiet on the festival front.

We did celebrate the Anadikia or Athenian New Year on July 22, just in a different area. 

Next up will be the Founder's Festival/reopening of the renovated Temple on August 26th.  More details of the plans for the year ahead to follow!

For this weekend, have a blessed Deipnon/Noumenia/Agathos Daimon.


Addendum: Here are the upcoming festivals for September:

September 2: Therapeia, a healing festival in honor of Apollon and Asklepios

September 16: Panagon, a festival of games for Pan.

September 30:  Fall Festival in honor of Demeter and Persephone