Sunday, June 9, 2013

Panaphobeia 2013


The summer is upon us, despite not officially being here yet! Hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the longer days.

Today's Festival

Today we celebrated the Panaphobeia, also known as the Feast of Fear, in which we honor Pan as the God of Fear who both uses fear as a tool and helps us confront our fears. 

We offered Pan ribbons as representations of fears we have for which we were asking His help and received divinatory messages in response utilizing the Greek Olympian Alphabet Oracle. Food offerings included a sausage pasta dish (the color red is associated with Pan's fear aspect and it's conventional to include phallic foods in offerings to Him) and a dessert of "dirt with worms" that can be taken a number of ways in regards to dealing with (or digging through) fears. The libation was iced chai tea, in the interest of continuing the theme of something red/warm/spicy.

Coming Events

June 23Philokhoria
July 6-7Anadikia/Athenian New Year
July 21Therapeia/Healing Festival
August 10RI Pagan Pride
August 18Founders' Festival

For the Philokhoria, we will be creating new puppets and props for The Philokhoria Puppet Show. Attendees are asked to bring socks and buttons that will be used in making the puppets. Other materials will be provided.

Until next time, have a great couple of weeks!