Friday, April 22, 2011


The Philokhoria is a celebration on the Summer Solstice which incorporates a myth by Callimachus. In the myth, Artemis dances and her dancing is so beautiful that Helios (the God of the Sun) stops in the sky to watch and the days get longer. In the festival, there is a dramatization of the myth which includes a modern ending where the other Gods try to find a way to get Helios to continue on His path again so that things can return to normal.

At the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus, and Pan, we celebrate this festival with a theoxenia to Artemis and Apollon, followed by games and dancing, and on one occasion, the dramatization of the myth through the use of puppets. Along with Apollon and Artemis, Helios, the nymphs, and the muses are honored with offerings.

This festival was created by Hiereia Thista Minai of the Tempe of Artemis at Cataleos.

Philokhoria 2011

Philokhoria 2015

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