Friday, April 22, 2011


For the festival of Delphinia, we make offerings of wool to Apollon as the god of Dolphins, who guides ships safely home. Sometimes we save these offerings of wool, wrapped onto branches, for use at Puanepsia to create eiresioni.

On this date, a sacrifice of fish is given to Apollon, asking that He protect our loved ones who may be overseas and to others who have suffered damage from flooding and great storms. Other offerings may include images of dolphins or donations to organizations that support them in some way. In times of peace, this is a time to thank Apollon for helping our loved ones return to us.

We also often honor the love of Apollon and Hyacinthos at this time. Though the Spartan Hyacinthia was held in early summer, this is the season during which the flower Apollon creaetd from Hyacinthos' spilled blood is blooming in this region, hence the timing. In 2013, this aspect was moved to the Eiarinia, again because the hyacinth flowers were more abundant at that time.

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