Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Festival

At the turning of the season from Summer to Autumn, we honor Demeter for the gifts of the harvest and recognize Her sorrow as Persephone rejoins Hades in his realm for the duration of the colder months.  The day begins honoring Mother and Daughter together, then shifts to a focus on Persephone as queen of Hades' realm.

Offerings to Demeter and Kore (Persephone in Her maiden state) can be anything related to grains and harvest foods.  Demeter is partial to pork offerings, but there is a taboo against offering Her eggs.  Altar decorations here are likely to be earthy and autumnal in colors and imagery.

Pomegranates can only be offered to Persephone once she is ritually separated from Her mother and joined with Her husband, Hades.  Depending upon one's interpretation of the myths, it may be appropriate to offer wedding cake.  Altar decorations here should acknowledge that Hades' and Persephone's realm is the underworld, possibly including a black altar cloth and images of skeletons or other representations of death.  If an ancestor shrine is included, it should be kept separate and lower in height (usually on or near the floor), because while they are kthonic Gods, Hades is also an Olympian.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 2011 News

Actually, this month starts with the end of July, as we spent the Deipnon (which conveniently fell on the 30th) having the Temple's second official naming ceremony, the date having been chosen as the person undergoing the ceremony is dedicated to Hekate.  Again, a very moving experience indeed, followed by fellowship and feasting.

This Sunday, the 14th, we will be celebrating the Therapeia, honoring Apollon, Aesklepios, and Pan as Gods of healing.  If you have specific healing intentions you would like remembered at this ritual, please either comment here or email Hieros Timotheos.

August will wrap up with the Panaphobeia or Feast of Fear on the 28th.  Due to the intensely personal nature of the fear work done at this festival, it is by invitation only.  If you wish to participate or to recommend someone to attend that you feel might benefit from this work, please email Hieros Timotheos first.


7 Therapeion is the HTAZP healing festival. It began centered on Apollon and Aklepios, grew to include Pan as the God who rules over wild herbs, and has recently expanded to include Artemis, who oversees childbirth, Hygeia, Asklepios' daughter and Goddess of health, and Gaia, upon whom we depend for pretty much everything, including healing. Offerings are made to these Deities and healing work is shared amongst the participants and sent out to others in need of healing.

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