Sunday, January 15, 2017

Diogennia 2017


Today we celebrated the Diogennia, Zeus' birthday.

Hiereus Timotheos shared today's ritual online, for those interested.

We began with the Homeric Hymn to Zeus and included prayers from the Orphic Hymns and the Litany to Zeus from Hearthstone's In Praise of Olympus.

Theoxenia was very honey-focused with honey-mustard-lemon chicken and honey-drenched crumpets as well as rice, spinach, and donuts.  The libation was a mixture of gin and apple juice.

For Pagan Arts & Crafts, we created a crown of oak leaves which can be seen on the statue of Zeus to the right, above.

And Hiereus Timotheos learned of a Cretian folk-dance that is believed to derive from an older dance commemorating Zeus' birth and the need to cover His cries to hide Him and Rhea from Cronus.  Originally this involved clashing of swords and shields and appears to have evolved into stomping.
Our next festival will be the Gamelia, next week.

In the meantime, may the blessings of the Gods be with you!

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